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NOTE: These are partial listings.  If you do not find the equipment you are looking for, please contact us with the details of your inquiry.

TRUT-011322  Knorr Technic NDT Line.  New: 1996; Used for rails; Components: Pinch Roll and Brush Cleaning; Straightness Measurement (5H + 5V Laser Sensors), Profile Measurement (4 Lasers + 6 Cameras), Transfer to ED with Pinch Roll Guiding; Eddy Current Testing (Circograph system, 7 Rotating Probes Circoscan and 6 Fixed Probes, Signal Processing Equipment by Dr. Foerster), Guiding Pinch Roll, Ultrasound Testing Unit (2 Testing Cabins, Water Pumping with Filtration), Guiding Pinch Roll, Multicolor Defect Marking Unit, Complete Controls; Very Good Condition - almost unused.

EFBC-001818  Langraf 4" Double Head Bar Chamfering Line.  Off line Chamfering.  Manufacturer: Lagraf, Italy.  Diameter range: used in the range of 25 - 80 mm (.98" - 3.15"), nominal max. diam.: 100 mm (3.94"); Double Head; Components: Loading Table with Unscrambler and Chain Transfer, Triple Roller Conveyor with Walking Beam, Two Chamfering Heads, each with its own Dust Collector, Discharge Cradles with Belts, Electrics and Hydraulics.

DRBL-211013  30" Malmedie Vertical Heavy Duty Bullblock.  Model: EH-200; Push Pointer; Block Diameter: 775 mm (30.5"); Max. Bar Diameter: 30 mm (1.18"); Main Motor: 75 kW; Pull: 20 MT (44,000 lbs.); Fully Reconditioned

DRTB-101642  40" Bultmann Inverted Block Drawing Line.  New: 1988; Suitable for Copper/Brass/Aluminum Rod, Tube and Profile; Diameter Range: 2 - 24 mm (.079" - .945"); Model: TRV 1000/1000/30; Block Diam.: 1,000 mm (39.37"); Pull: 3 MT (6,600 lbs.); Max. Speed: 180 m/min. (590 FPM); Automatic Coil Hook Conveyor System allowing multiple drawing; Horizontal Coil Conveyor with Uncoiler; Siemens Simatic S7-300 Controls; Very Good Condition.

DRWD-001826  Koch KGT 1000/8 8-Die Wire Drawing Machine.  New: 1995; Ernst Koch GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, Drawing range:In 5.5 - 3.6 mm (.217" - .142"), Out: 1.4 - 2.1 mm (.056" - .083")Max. Inlet wire strength: 1,600 N/mm2 ; Block Diameter: 550 mm (21.65"; Motors: 1 - 8: 73 kW AC Drive SIEMENS/each; Max. drawing speed: 25 m/s (4,920 FPM); Water cooled blocks and dies; SIEMENS AC 400V; PLC SIEMENS S5-115 with SIEMENS frequency control units SIMOVERT VC; Spooler included; Payoff and descaler not included.

SHCF-100338  Schumag KZPR-2B Cutoff.  Machanical Type; Capacity: .315" - 1.12" (8 - 28.5 mm); Speed: 60 m/min (197 FPM); Entry and Exit Pinch Rolls.  Fully Reconditioned.

SWHR-011322 Clifton & Baird Rail Sawing and Drilling Machine.  The machine is designed to measure the length of incoming rail, clamp it, saw and drill holes simultaneously. It is complete with its central hydraulic system, chip conveyor, drives, PLC controls and operator's pulpit. The auxiliary system of Vollmer saw blade preparation and sharpening is also included. Rail Size Limitations: Weight: up to 70 kg/m (141 lbs/yd), Height: up to 200 mm (7.874"), Width: up to 180 mm (7.087"); Two Drilling Heads with three drills on each; Variable hole distance; Drilling and cutting cycle: 30 - 40 sec.; Perfect condition - can be inspected under power.

SWBS-201572 Behringer Model HBP 360A/PCM CNC Band Saw.  New: 1998, Capacity: Round 20 - 360 mm (.79" - 14.17"), Square: 350 x 350 mm (13.78" x 13.78"); Saw Blade Dimension: 5,400 x 41 x 1.3 mm (212.6" x 1.61" x .05"); Cutting Speed: 10 - 100 m/min. (33 - 328 FPM); Excellent Condition.

SHCF-101841  Bultmann Automatic Bar Cutting Machine.  Capacity: 5 - 20 mm (.197" - .787"), Cutting Length: 0 - 300 mm (11.8"); 40 cuts per min. for 200 mm diam.; Complete; 1997; Excellent Condition.

COPY-100174  Koch 1000 kg Rod Payoff.  Rod Diameter: 15 - 27 mm (.59" - 1.06"); 210 mm (8.27") Pinch Roll; 180 mm (7.1") 6-Roll Prestraightener; Payoff Drive: 4kW; Prestraightener Drive: 2.2 kW; Very Good Condition.

PNPR-000849  1.65" x 10" Krollmann Point Milling Machine.  New: 1990; Bar Diam: 15 - 42 mm (.591" - 1.65"); Point Length: 250 mm (9.84"); Saw, Controls, Excellent Condition.