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Flat Product Rolling Mills - Related and Auxiliary Equipment

Roll Grinders, Coil Cars, Descaling and Scarfing Equipment,  Slab Reheating Furnaces, Pickling Lines, Rolling Mill Tension Reels, Downcoilers, Cooling Beds, Belt Wrappers


NOTE: These are partial listings.  If you do not find the equipment you are looking for, please contact us with the details of your inquiry.

DSHB-100169  Danieli Wean United Strip Descaling System Components.  New: 2007 (still in the original boxes); Three Descaling Pumps: 230 m3/min. each; Each driven by 2150 kW Motor.; Compressors; Backwashing Filter, High Pressure Descaling Valves; Control Cabinets.
GRRG-200858  40" x 393" Waldrich Roll Grinder.  Roll Diameter: .75" - 40"; Distance Between Centers: 393"; Grinding Wheel: 30" x 4"; Work Head Motor: 30 HP; Crowning Capability.
ANSC-000338  8" Ebner Continuous Annealing Line.  Max. Strip Width: 200 mm (7.87"); Strip Thickness: 0.2 - 2.0 mm (.0079" - .0787"); Material: Stainless Steel; Speed Range: 0.8 - 10 m/min (2.6 - 32.8 FPM); Max. Temp: 1,100 deg. C (2,012 deg. F); Protective Atmosphere: Hydrogen; Two Uncoilers, Shear & Welder, Accumulator, Degreasing & Drying, Electric Furnace, Two Recoilers.
ANRH-111421  7 MT/H Nassheuer / LOI Continuous Roller Hearth Furnace.  New: 1985; Gas Fired; Loading Height: 800 mm (31.5"); Loading Width: 2,050 mm (80.7"); Entry and Exit Upenders, Vacuum Lock, Preheating Chamber, Annealing Furnace, Radiation, Accelerated Cooling Section (two Fans); Max. Temp: 850 deg. C (1,562 deg. F); Installed.
STGP-000235  2,500 Ton Hydraulic Plate Straightening Press.  New: 1986; Plate Thickness: 32 - 110 mm (1.26" - 4.33"); Plate Width: max. 3,000 mm (118.1"); Plate Length: 12,000 mm (39'4"); Max. Plate Weight: 20 MT (44,000#); Installed; Very Good Condition.