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Blast Furnaces, Converters, Electric Arc Furnaces, Induction Melting Furnaces, Ladle Furnaces, Degassing, Furnace Transformers and Substations, ESR, VAR, VIM


NOTE: These are partial listings.  If you do not find the equipment you are looking for, please contact us with the details of your inquiry.

MLIF-211116  2 x 15 Ton Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Induction Melting System.  New: 2006; Power Supplies: 12,000 kW per furnace; Production Capacity: 40 - 50 TPH; Designed for Mellable Iron, Suitable for any Iron or Steel Melting; Water Cooling, Vibratory Feeding; Transformers (Primary: 13.2 kV, Preheaters, Alloying System.  Installed.
MLEA-101080  45 Ton Mannesmann Demag Electric Arc Furnace.  UHP; Spout Type; Tapping Weight: 45 - 50 tons; Shell Diameter: 4,600 mm (15'); Tap-to-Tap: 63 min.; 37/44.4 MVA ABB Transformer; Ladles and Scrap Buckets; Some missing components; Installed.
MLVD-100773  125 Ton Vacuum Degasser.  New: 1992; Tank Type; Tank ID: 6.3 m, Height: 5.3 m; Argon Steering; Boiler; Steam Generator; Complete Unit with Hydraulics and PLC Controls; Excellent Condition.
MLES-101165  10 Ton ESR Furnace.  Electrode Diameter: 180 - 300 mm (7.1" - 11.8"); Ingot Diameter: 360 - 600 mm (14.2" - 23.6"; Max. Ingot Weight: 10 MT (22,000 lbs); Max. Ingot Length: 5,000 mm (16'5"); 50 Hz Power Supply; Productivity: 300 - 500 kg/h (660 - 1,100 lbs/h); Double Column.