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Tube Processing and Related Equipment

Tube Straighteners, Facing and Chamfering Machines, Tube Threading, Upsetting Equipment, Tube Benders, Tube Galvanizing and Coating Lines, Heat Treatment, Re-cutting Lines, Hydrotesters and Expanders, Other Tube Testing Equipment, Strip Accumulators, Tube Coiling Equipment, Tube Pointing Equipment, Shears and Saws, Roller Conveyors, Inlet and Outlet Tables


NOTE: These are partial listings.  If you do not find the equipment you are looking for, please contact us with the details of your inquiry.

ANBF-201837  24"x256" Vacuum Industries Vertical Vacuum Annealing Furnace.  Cold Wall; New: 1979, 1986: refurbished, new heating elements, new vacuum pumps, new controls, 2006: new temperature controllers; Usable space: 24" (610 mm) diameter x 256" (6,502 mm) length; Continuous operating temperature: 1,000 deg. C (1,832 deg. F) in 10-5 Torr; Fully jacteted stainless steel chamber with five zone Nichrome ribbon on ceramic hot zone; Stainless steel radiation shealding; Gas recirculation and cooling system; Fully automatic pumping system (high speed difussion pump, high vacuum valve, mechanical booster roughing pump, holding pump); Cold trap with mechanical refrigerator.  In operation.

SHCF-201892  26" Wirth Erkelenz Rotary Tube Cutting Line.  Capacity: diam. 660 mm (25.98") x wall: 40 mm (1.575"); 14 m (46') Delivery Roller Conveyor, Wirth Rotary Cut-Off with driven Entry and Exit Guide Rolls, Double Tube Rotating Heads, Double Cutting Tool Head; two Overhead Cranes, 14 m (46') Exit Roller Conveyor, Controls and Hydraulics.  The line is completely reconditioned and ready for delivery.

ANBF-200917  1000 x 4600 mm Elterma Retort Pit Furnace.  Heat Treating of Tubes and Machined Parts in Protective Atmosphere; New: 1995; Retort Volume: 5.7 m3; Top Loading; Heat Treating Processes: Carbonizing, Carbon-Nitride Heat Treatment, Heating before Hardening, Annealing, Hardening and Tempering in Protective Atmosphere; Temp. Range: 150 - 950 deg. C.

ANRH-100359  Seco Warwick Annealing Furnace.  New: 1989; Refurbished and Static Cooling Zone added in 1996; Capacity (Cu Tubing): 4,000 lbs per hour at 1,400 deg. F; Seco Warwick Atmosphere Generator; Exogas Generator; Very Good Condition.
GRGP-201015  10" 3-Head Centerless Tube and Bar Belt Gringing and Polishing Machine.  New: 1971; Manufacturer: MFG Sundstrand; Model: 910-3; Tube/Bar Diameter Range: .250" - 10" (6.35 - 254 mm); Motors: Each Head: 20 HP, 3 Ph, 60 Hz; Note: Currently the machine includes an Automatic Handling System for up to 1.75" (44.5 mm) diam. tubes and bars; Coolant System with Filtration; Spare drives.